At Life Plus Fitness Maroubra we specialise in strength training for women of all ages, with training ages ranging all the way from 20’s to early 60’s.

We offer Personal Training as well as 6 Week Bootcamp sessions (our small group training sessions).

Our 6 Week Bootcamp sessions are run in 6 Week training cycles. We use a combination of weights based and strength workouts which are designed to help you lose body fat, build muscle tone and increase fitness.

We love training with weights as this style of training has the power to change and shape your body faster than any other type of exercise. Lifting weights increases muscle definition (tone) and enhances metabolic rate. Other benefits especially for our older clientele is increasing bone density in order to reduce the risk of fractures and broken bones.

Whether your goals are to lose fat, get healthy, get fit, strong, build confidence and have better quality of life – we can help you achieve it all!

All of our Bootcamp sessions are programmed so you are guaranteed to make progress.

If you are looking for the results you would gain from personal training sessions at a fraction of the cost, in a fun and supportive environment then these sessions are for you.

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