At Life Plus Fitness every client begins with a Fitness Consultation.

Your initial Fitness Consultation is a time where we sit down with you and discuss your goals, go through your exercise history and find out what types of exercise you do and don’t like. As well as finding out whether you have any injuries or any concerns with starting your new exercise program.

Whether you want to lose fat or put on muscle, you need to feed your body what it needs – and when it needs it.

At Life Plus Fitness we don’t believe in a ‘QUICK FIX’.

Getting to your ideal body shape or getting to the peak of your fitness is all about consistency. There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’. This method is short term and will NOT give you long term results.

Losing weight, sculpting your body and getting to peak fitness and health involves a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication – and the good news is – it can be fun too!

At Life Plus Fitness we provide you with all the tools to get to your ideal body shape, and all we ask from you is 110% effort and commitment on your end.

There is never one diet or product that works for everyone. Therefore every new client at Life Plus Fitness is individually assessed to discover which foods and exercise works best for them.

Make the commitment to yourself NOW.

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