Kelly has worked with women of all ages – from young teens to athletes, brides to be, mums-to-be, dancers and new mums. She’s been fortunate enough to help hundreds of women burn fat, build muscle, and increase their strength.

That’s her job and she loves every minute of it!

As a coach and a new mum herself, It’s important to her to not just talk the talk but also walk the walk.

Over the past decade in the industry, Kelly has countless hours of experience training people in REAL LIFE. Proper coaching in itself is an art.  Online coaching is harder to do than face-to-face coaching.

Only those who have succeeded at in-person coaching for such a length of time are equipped to provide high quality online coaching.

When can Online Coaching be a benefit for clients?

  • Being held accountable: Having an Online Coach helps you stay on course. Having someone check in with your regularly and make sure that your are training on your allocated days and staying on track will translate to great results.
  • Motivation: If you are motivated, you will train harder. Having someone check in with you regularly will motivate you to train harder, and in turn will help you achieve better results.
  • Affordability: Having access to an EXPERIENCED COACH who has years of real-life training experience working with hundreds of female clients at only a fraction of the price! An experienced coach who has seen so much that not only can they solve any training issues thrown at them by their online clients, but they can actually prevent most of them before they even happen

If you would like Kelly to design your individualized and personalized training program for as little as $35 a week then email to get started NOW!

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