“6 Week Bootcamps – we have enjoyed how quick the workouts are and how it can be tailored to our specific needs. Each workout session is different, so it keeps it fun and interesting as well as challenging, we are looking forward to the next 6 Week Bootcamp block!”

Nicolette and Elena, Mother and Daughter

“I had previously trained with Kelly, so I knew once I had myfirst baby that she was the trainer I trusted to help me achieve my goals of getting my body back to pre-baby weight.

As a mother herself, Kelly understood the many challenges that new mothers face with a newborn – sleepless nights, lack of energy and motivation. She helped me set mini goals and now that my baby has just turned 1, I too have surpassed my fitness and fat loss goals. I can do 2 unassisted chinups, deadlift 80kgs AND I have lost 30KILOS of weight in these last 10.5months.  Thank you Kelly – you are the best in the business! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Tamera – First time mum

‘My favourite part of training at the Bootcamps/group classes is that Kelly and Anastacia have an expert eye for form and are professionally apt to tailor exercises that suit your strength and ability, and hold a consistent safe environment for me and all the women that train there.
Kelly and Anastacia run an unwavering, uplifting and motivating training session and their classes are based on their knowledgeable holistic approach to life!
Life Plus Fitness has made me more consistent with my training. Which makes my goals more achievable.
Kelly in particular has taught me how to create more holistic and measurable goals that help empower me throughout my sessions at LPF. Herself and Anastacia have changed the way I think about fitness and food together, and how they work hand in hand with one another.
It’s an ongoing process, but I have learnt to love exercise and the importance it has on maintaining a stable foundation for my dance career. I now love exercise because my goals are no longer as focused on looking pretty, they are functional and help me move better – looks are just a bonus!

Cency – Professional Dancer

“My favourite thing about the 6 Week Bootcamps is the small group of supportive lovely ladies that are in the group.
Kelly and Anastacia are fantastic coaches and encourage you to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.
My greatest achievement has been being able to do unassisted chin ups!

Melinda – Bootcamp Regular

“As a professional dancer and dance instructor your body is your work. It is essential to always remain strong, toned and fit. The industry demands it and accepts no less.  After 21 years of dancing, training, performing and competing I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis, predominantly in my upper body which happened to be my weakest area and also my ankles.

I was certain my active career had now been shortened significantly. Straight away I knew I had to invest in my health and went to Kelly for help. Kelly superseded my expectations and continues to every week. Not only do I have more definition than previously, I am now by far the strongest I have EVER been, setting and hitting goals I never even dreamed of or thought were possible.

My arthritis is under control and I have found a new passion in weight training. The holistic approach and encouragement at Life Plus Fitness have given me a new lease on life and restored the confidence I thought I had lost in myself. Kelly’s professionalism, work ethic, friendly nature and knowledge are unmatched. Her knowledge on fitness and nutrition is second to none. She not only pushed me to my limits but also helped me create news ones!

Gaby – Dancer

“At the beginning of last year I’d had enough of being self conscious about my weight, and not fitting into my clothes. I would exercise semi regularly by walking, doing pilates, or swimming, but it wasn’t doing anything to help me lose weight. I had tried numerous diets and fitness plans over the years, but found that it had all become a jumble in my head, and I didn’t know what to do next.

When I started looking online for a personal trainer, Life Plus Fitness stood out from the beginning. I wanted a female trainer that could help me with food and exercise, and the ability to train in an air conditioned, private female only gym. Even the name of the business “Life Plus Fitness” showed me that my coach Kelly would not only help me to get fit, but also start taking control of my life.

Through her thorough understanding of nutrition and exercise Kelly soon had me on a plan that not only helped the weight come off, but also empowered me with the knowledge of what suited my body. I soon started getting compliments from friends and family, but nothing beat the feeling I had when Kelly helped me achieve fitness goals I never dreamt I was capable of; I’ll never forget the first time I did chin ups!

And throughout my whole journey Kelly was not only my trainer, but also a friend. Even through some really tough times in my personal life, Kelly was able to encourage me and help me to not turn back, but keep looking to the future.

So if you are like the old me and want to turn your life around so that you are empowered to live life to the fullest, then I have no hesitation in recommending booking in a session at “Life Plus Fitness”. I guarantee you will never look back. “

Emily Shumack – Teacher

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